Hyderabadi Haleem – Home made

Authentic Hyderabadi Haleem made very simple with your vahchef sanjay thumma and can be made with lamb,goat,beef,turkey,chicken you can find detailed recipes at my website and also find many videos with recipes at www.vahrehvah.com simple easy and quick recipes and videos of Indian Pakistani and Asian Oriental foods

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25 Responses to Hyderabadi Haleem – Home made

  1. chandusheker says:

    dont eat it with rice or bread, watch another video of vahchef name shorva which also? tastes good and can be eaten with both bread (naan), rice

  2. chandusheker says:

    can you please made a video of vegetable haleem
    and how many table spoons of masala should we use too much masala would spoil the dish
    and how many grams of cereals toor dal, barley etc did you use did each cereal weigh 100gms of all of them together? weigh 100gm (i.e 25gms for each cereal)

    anna konchem reply iyyave masthu nenlalu ninchi prayatnistunnanu

  3. maverickather says:

    U r d best chef …!!! this luks like Hyd haleem only unlike the one by Sanjeev Kapoor….I have already tried many dishes of ur’s @ home & all were easy & too YUMMY..!!!!? :)

  4. oink714 says:

    I have checked so many recipes for Haleem? on the internet, but i have to say your recipe surpasses all the other recipes on the internet.Fantastic, i will defo give it a try Insha Alah, thank you.

  5. oink714 says:

    OMG thank you sooo much, i am so? greatful to you for sharing this recipe with us, i was craving it this Ramadan, i will pray for you and your family my brother, thank you once again.

  6. RAJ KUMAR CHHABRA Chhabra says:

    Agree with you , it is? first soaked in water then cooked

  7. paprichaat5 says:

    Omg that is so many spices. I don’t think I can find some of them in the states? here

  8. hawahihawa says:

    it is eaten on its own. coz its made of wheat (and bread is made? of wheat)
    this a complete dish on its own.

  9. hawahihawa says:


  10. emmanuelsarella says:

    how do you make it gluten free? What? are the alternatives for wheat and barley ?

  11. imaan577 says:

    yum? yum yum

  12. 1partyhouse says:

    thats the traditional way you just soak all the dal and the wheat and? then boil till soft

  13. TheBluebell007 says:

    For how many people is? 1 kg enough?

  14. Raafath Ubaid says:


  15. prapti rao says:

    I am such a fan! :) Thank you for? these wonderful recipes

  16. radhikapilla says:

    Mouth watering…

  17. kcshahid says:

    hiiiiiii………..im one of your? great fan………..do we need soak the wheat and dals overnight??

  18. Soundarya Srinivasan says:

    hey chef am a big fan of urs….? and was very excited to see Director venkat prabhu in ur studio for the movie biriyani….. keep rocking

  19. chrismike2000 says:

    Are the measurment of dal’s 100gms each.
    and what is the propotion of? lentils including wheat to meat

  20. chrismike2000 says:

    How about using Oats?

  21. Jyohan3 says:

    Thanks a? lot chef………….SUPER!!!!

  22. hansenelizabeth says:

    thank u so much for the recipe.. just now? finshed making it and it taste really gud! :-)

  23. hansenelizabeth says:

    sum people use rice and sum people dun use any rice or wheat or barley! Im having low carb diet so i made it with out.. and it? taste the same :-)

  24. hansenelizabeth says:

    Haleem is a very heavy dish..When u start eating it u wil feel full very? fast.. so mostely all people eat it by it self.. no rice or roti/bread :-)

  25. simmisam2000 says:

    u really? make my mouth water

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