DIY MAKEUP: Homemade Setting Spray

**read for more info** Hey Girlies!! I am so sorry that this video got deleted I hope you all arent mad! So this is the second video of my series DO-IT-YOURSELF MAKEUP a series where i show you all my recipes & tutorials on homemade affordable makeup thats comparable to High End Makeup/Beauty related items. So i hope you all enjoy this. if you have any suggestions or would like any in particular, let me know in the comments below. There will be more videos posted in time. THIS IS A SIMPLE & AFFORDABLE GREAT SETTING SPRAY THAT’S COMPARABLE TO OTHER ITEMS SUCH AS: Mac’s Fix +, Skindinavia Sprays, Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, etc. This isnt an exact dupe but close and it works! This spray is so cheap and easy and multi-purpose! WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 1 Spring Water- any kind of water will do, Spring, Distilled or Nursery water. I use tap or spring, whatever is handy. It can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge. I dont mind what water i use since i wash my face in the shower with tap water. Id suggest Rose Water but i cannot buy it in my area. 2. Glycerin- you can find this item in the first aid section at local walmart/target stores. if you cannot find it, it may be behind the pharmacy counter like mine is 3. Toner/Essential Oils- you only need a drop of either. I have used both and both work just fine. i alternate between them. You can buy toner at any drugstore and Essentail Oils can be found at craft stores like Micheals in the soap section. They are around
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25 Responses to DIY MAKEUP: Homemade Setting Spray

  1. justatouchofblush says:

    your? welcom:D

  2. Christinaanna5 says:

    toner is like astringent (a face cleanser) but less harsh. Its to tighten & reduce pores and also take away any dirt or oils in the skin. So if? you have dry skin, a toner may work better than an astringent. I use a tiny bit of toner bc i love this toner smell & also since the other ingredients are pure, it helps bacteria from growing in it. Hope this helps!

  3. Christinaanna5 says:

    great!! so glad you liked? it. I have so many videos that i have to get edited and uploaded. I love DIY makeup or beauty projects. I love playing around with makeup!! I appreciate your support, it means the world to me! i hope to get some free time to get back to youtube. i love making videos! and i love talkin to everyone! thanks a million!

  4. mxitchica212 says:

    what the heck is toner??

  5. justatouchofblush says:

    awesome thanks? so much…i subbed

  6. Christinaanna5 says:

    For me, mine last around a month which normally this bottle last that long & it gets low so i wash out & start a new batch. I think id start new every month just to be on the safe side. I havent had any problems with mine for over a year now. I use it every day to help spread out my foundation to give a nice finish & it helps with my dry skin. It also helps to apply loose shadows If you dont use as much, make a smaller batch that way? you dont waste too much. Hope this helps!

  7. ObsessiveFashionComp says:

    how much time does this last without? bacteria growing up? thanks :)

  8. Christinaanna5 says:

    Glycerol is used in medical and pharmaceutical and? personal care preparations, mainly as a means of improving smoothness, providing lubrication and as a humectant. It is found in allergen immunotherapies, cough syrups, elixirs and expectorants, toothpaste, mouthwashes, skin care products, shaving cream, hair care products, soaps and water-based personal lubricants. – (according to wikipedia) its mainly used w/ diabetics & dry skin to provide a layer to keep in moisture in the skin. askpharmacist

  9. Mermaid Sparklecolor says:

    What? is glycerin

  10. fergaleecious says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! Spraying this on top of my make-up will set it right? Not take it off or ruin? the make-up?

  11. misslyss1996 says:

    thanks- this was really helpful! i was looking for a video on a cheap setting spray i could buy but this was fantastic! thanks for? all the help, and keep the fascinating videos coming! :)

  12. Christinaanna5 says:

    You could use a drop or two of the witch hazel since toner does typically contain witch hazel itself. Ive used my Witch hazel? instead a few times & it does fine- i just add a drop so that the water & glycerin doesnt grow bacteria quickly since its so pure.. dont add too much of toner or witch hazel or it may cause your makeup to break up since its meant to clean out pores not keep makeup on… Hope this helps! It will def work instead of :) Thanks so much for watching!

  13. Taylorhaydn says:

    Could you use witch hazel for the toner??

  14. Christinaanna5 says:

    i would buy the highest percentage as you can get. Those are high enough that it will work fine. But def go with the highest. im not sure what else they would put in with it- if you can find one w/ rose water mixed in (this is also beneficial for skin) that will be fine. I use the? Walmart Glycerin that is by the first aid section- Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions hun!

  15. Christinaanna5 says:

    I would just skip the step if you dont have toner.. Toner is less harsh than an Astringent & may end up pulling the makeup off the face. I mostly just use Water & glycerin and sometimes even a squirt of aloe vera gel! If you still have any questions, feel free to? ask!! i swear by this for applying my foundations & foiling my shadows! it works! & even as a refreshner!

  16. noquierovomitar says:

    thanks for the video, its very helpful :) but I want to? ask something – is it 100% glycerin that you use? because I found 85% or 99% glycerin in store and I dont know which I shall buy.

  17. ackelaj says:

    what about astringent??

  18. Christinaanna5 says:

    Hey! first off- ur are adorable & so kind! thnaks sooo much for the nice words- they mean alot esp right now it really made my day & made me smile! and i am so glad u enjoyed the video!? i hope it helps and works out for you! i seen you have a few videos yourself on your channel! you go girl! more girls to feel beautiful the better! Thanks for stopping by! ttyl!

  19. Jennangelinheaven says:

    Hello there your gorgeous first off, and this is? great!! Thanks

  20. Christinaanna5 says:

    Hello! sorry i had personal things going on or i wouldve replied sooner- I find glycerin is def worth it since its a binder but if you can find clear aloe vera gel- that can also work. If you can find aloe vera gel, use it. I know glycerine isnt super cheap? but for how little you use, it will last AWHILE. ive used a bottle up finally but made this & also used it for pressing mineral shadows- it lasted almost a year so its def worth it, im poor myself but def worth it- let me know if u need help!

  21. horsecrazygal01 says:

    is there an alternative to glycerine? in the uk its £5 which is roughly $10?? please? answer :)

  22. Christinaanna5 says:

    - i use the glycerin available in the First Aid section. I am not sure how Vegetable glycerin would work since i havent heard much about it. Im not sure how it would work on the face area. I buy mine at walmart (i have to ask pharmacist for mine since its not on shelf) its around $5 at most! let me know if you still have any questions. I think? vegetable glycerin works differently than pure glycerin! Pure is a skin protectant.

  23. Christinaanna5 says:

    @Beyonceesha- yES! def try it. I? have never had Mac Fix Plus or the Skindinavia. ive only tried the Elf Misting spray but i always use this! i have been thru a few bottles now & def will continue to use this everyday i wear makeup!! def let me know how it works out for you! and if you enjoyed it or not! Id love to know how it works for you!

  24. Kakichum says:

    Vegetable glycerin or? regular?

  25. Beyonceesha says:

    i really dont have setting? spray .so i am going to try this so soon

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